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Take a Look at Rebus

Check out the short video below to see the Rebus interface, how fast Rebus processes your data, and how easy it is to navigate the system.

Rebus® is a revolutionary Saas-based analytics platform specifically designed by the logistics professionals of Longbow Advantage for logistics professionals. Rebus aggregates and harmonizes logistics data from any supply chain execution software to provide a real-time view of your logistics operations and deliver cross-functional insights.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Data

Rebus offers a wide range of features to ensure you get the most out of your data, right out of the box.  Click on any of the features below to expand the section and get a complete look at what Rebus can do for you.  If you are interested in how a feature works, contact us, and we will show you!

Rebus Analytics Platform comes with dozens of ready-made widgets to choose from. Simply select those most important to you and pop them into your own custom dashboards to provide a real-time view into your operations. With so many widgets to choose from, you can instantly see things like your Daily Location Count Accuracy, Inventory Accuracy by Month for all of your sites, or WLM Utilization Percentage in easy to digest formats. No more time consuming manual reports or Excel spreadsheets for days, Rebus automatically mines your data to show you the information you want to see in the format that matters most to you and in real-time providing you the chance to make better data-based decisions every day to maximize performance and ROI.

Your operation is unique, and maybe you need additional widgets built to view all of your valuable information. There’s no need to panic. The intuitive widget builder in Rebus was built for everyone to use, even those who don’t consider themselves the most tech-savvy. If you can use Excel, you can build a widget! Simply select the information you want to see and drag and drop it onto the page and watch your data come to life in an easy-to-digest format of your choice – graphs, charts, or grids – they’re all available. No matter how simple or complex your needs, the widget builder is made for the everyday user empowering your people to find the data they need without additional IT support.

Having real-time analytics is great, but being able to take them with you anywhere you go is even better. Anytime, anywhere access is available from your smart phone, tablet, and laptop providing you the ability to get a pulse on your operations no matter where you are. You can even add new dashboards or build new widgets directly from your phone or tablet as Rebus automatically resizes for optimal viewing and use.

Your software execution systems should help you manage your operations, not limit you. No matter what WMS, LMS, TMS, or other systems and databases you are using (JDA®/RedPrairie®, HighJump®, Manhattan or others), Rebus can extract the data to make the systems you already use daily more powerful by taking millions of data points and providing new insights in easy to digest formats that provide real-time visibility into every corner of your operation – all while having no impact on your current system performance!

We know you are busy, and there are dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of activities taking place at all times. It can be hard to stay on top of even the most important KPIs. That’s why Rebus offers alerts. It’s simple to set the parameters you would like to be notified of and then should those thresholds be reached, you will receive an alert both through email and through the Alerts pane within Rebus. This allows you to passively monitor the most critical parts of your operation and yet instantly react if there becomes any issue.

We realize analytics software is not a one-size fits all solution. That’s why we work with you to connect Rebus and tailor it to your needs so you can start getting the most out of your Rebus solution immediately. This includes handling the implementation stage, finding the right training for your team, and providing additional support as needed.

With over dozens of widgets available, the customizable dashboards are invaluable. Create one or multiple dashboards with all of the information you want to see by using our simple drag and drop system. The options don’t end there; you can resize each widget to make the dashboards show as few or as many widgets as you need. Keep them open throughout the day to see how your operation is running or log-out, and next time you log-in you will be able to view all of the same dashboards with real-time information.

Chances are you work with a team or even cross-functionally. Wouldn’t life be easier if you could all be looking at the same information? Take your custom-made dashboards and favorite widgets and share them through Rebus, email, or Skype™. It’s never been easier to keep everyone on the same page and working towards the same goals. If they don’t have access to Rebus, no problem – you can still email dashboards to them!

Getting started with new software can be a challenge, but Rebus was built with easy and fast setup in mind. In fact, the average setup takes just a few weeks! If that scares your IT department, don’t worry, we help you handle the necessary connections to minimize your IT team’s time commitment. Once your data is connected, dozens of ready-made widgets allow you to start getting more from your data and making data-based decisions immediately. Find out more about Getting Started.

Keeping your data secure is your top priority, and ours too. We have gone through extensive measures to certify the security of your data in the cloud, including our SOC 2® certification, and it doesn’t end there. With the power to see into every corner of your operations, we understand the potential need to create user based limitations. The admin can simply go in and set accessibility according to user to keep only critical data available or all of it – it’s up to you. Working with a Third Party Logistics? No problem – you can add in restricted views to provide clear insight into the data they need while protecting the data they don’t.

Rebus is integrated with Microsoft® Office® 365 and Skype™ to keep your workday flowing seamlessly. While you’re in Rebus you can send and receive emails from your Microsoft Office 365 account, including the ability to add your dashboards and widgets into your emails. You can also communicate throughout your office with Skype and drag-and-drop widgets directly into conversations. These integrations help maximize collaboration potential while minimizing the need to switch between software applications.

Want to Learn More?

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