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Rebus Labor

Demand More from Your Data™

Labor is often the largest direct cost to a warehouse operation, but many companies struggle with how best to manage it.

Rebus® Labor is a cost-effective labor management solution that provides all of your warehouses’ labor performance statistics in an easy-to-use interface. In just one click you can drill down to find labor details at the employee level, zoom out to the warehouse view, or change the time frame you are reporting on from days to months to years, and that’s just the beginning.

Why Rebus Labor?

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Optimize worker productivity

  • Use real-time data to better manage and monitor your workforce
  • Pull performance reports by employee or activity
  • Identify employees who should be promoted and rewarded and those that need additional training
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Get visibility to where your labor dollars are going

  • Measure productive vs. non-productive time for employees
  • Find inefficiencies in activities and processes
  • Identify and research potential problems as they occur

Easy configuration and maintenance

  • Setup labor in weeks, not months
  • No need to reconfigure every time your warehouse layout changes
  • Performance metrics are easy to understand and validate

Maximize labor utilization

  • Plan shifts to leverage the right mixture of high performing and low performing employees
  • Forecast future labor needs using historical data
  • Reassign workforce to different tasks based on previous labor performance and upcoming workload
  • Improve utilization to decrease overall labor costs


Pre-made widgets

Key labor widgets are ready-made, just connect your data

Flexible data views

Dive into different levels and time frames with the click of a button

Role-based data access

Provide custom access to each person to include only the need-to-know data

Mobile access

Spend more time on the floor and less time behind a computer

Insert downtime

Automatically insert breaks, lunch, and more

Grows with you

Easily add employees and warehouses as you grow

Pull real-time performance reports

See how an individual, team, or full warehouse are performing

Quick and easy configuration

Be live in a matter of weeks instead of months

Affordable labor management

SaaS-based solution for lower total cost of ownership


Rebus Labor is priced to be affordable for your distribution center or plant annual operating budget.

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