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Rebus Analytics

Demand More from Your Data™

Analytics have become complicated with multiple data sources, millions of data points, and constant new data being developed every second of every day at an exhausting rate. Harness the power of smart data and get real-time visibility into every corner of your supply chain with Rebus® Analytics, a SaaS solution.

Why Rebus Analytics?

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Built by supply chain experts
for supply chain professionals

We know your business and understand your needs. Chances are we’ve been there too. Rebus is built to provide the supply chain insights you need to make better business decisions, faster.
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Make data manageable

Automatically organize data into easy to digest charts, graphs, and grids that update in real-time to keep you one step ahead while minimizing the time commitment from IT.
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Maximize performance and
ROI with data-based decisions

Take the guess work away with concrete information pulled directly from the supply chain execution software you already use daily.

Save time and money with automated reports ready within minutes

Say goodbye to manual reporting and let Rebus do the heavy lifting to show you data in the format that matters most to you while freeing up valuable resources.

Get the most out of your data!

Pre-made widgets

Get a pulse on your operations immediately by selecting from our dozens of ready-made widgets to create custom dashboards in minutes.

Flexible dashboards

Keep the widgets that matters most to you easily accessible in dashboards that automatically update with real-time information.

Intuitive widget builder

Minimize the time commitment from IT and empower your people to find new insightful data by building additional widgets themselves.

Easy collaboration

Keep everyone informed by sharing your widgets and dashboards, ready-made or custom-made!

Go mobile

On the floor or on the road, your data is available anytime, anywhere in the palm of your hand.

Simple setup

Setting up Rebus is quick allowing you to be up and running on your system in a matter of weeks!

Connect to any supply chain execution software

No matter where your supply chain data is stored, connect all of your solutions together to get a comprehensive view of your operations.

Custom security settings

Provide access to only those who need it or to everyone – the choice is up to you. You can even add in restricted views ideal for Third Party Logistics.

Personalized training and support

We will work with you to get the most insight out of your data through setup, training, and additional support as needed.

Pricing and Upgrades

With no per user cost, Rebus is an affordable and scalable cloud-based solution for your analytics needs. Even better, we are constantly adding new features and functionality which you will instantly have access to—no painful upgrades, no expensive fees, and no headaches.

Experience it for yourself

Schedule a demo now to see how Rebus Analytics can help you achieve your goals!

Struggling to manage your labor costs?

You’re not alone.  Labor is often the largest direct cost to a warehouse operation, and yet one of the hardest parts to manage. See how Rebus Labor can help.

Have additional questions?

Contact us.  We would love to hear from you and help you get the supply chain visibility you need.